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01 . How long has Trident been in this line of business ?

Trident is a third generation company in this line of business. With over 5 decades of knowledge passed down from generation to generation.

02 . Can you ship spices to me under my own label ?

The size and the design of the package can be customized as per the requirements of the buyer. We can have industrial packing as well as B2C type of packing done to suit our buyer's market.

03 . If I have a problem with products shipped to me , is there any way to trace the source of the problem?

We have quality control checks happening at each stage, so in case of an unfortunate case of dissatisfaction with quality we can easily go back and find out the root cause of the problem.

04 . Which are the major countries where your goods are exported ?

Indian Spices and Foodstuff have a demand world over and hence the market that we cater to as exporters is huge. and with the variety of products and our willingness to expand "The Sky Is The Limit".

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